Environmental, Land Development, Energy & Infrastructure.

For over 20 years Mr. Sumner has been providing governmental affairs representation in the areas of environmental, land development, energy and infrastructure. His practice primarily involves representation of the private sector and other property owners in connection with the complex land and water-based development projects throughout Florida. Mr. Sumner's practice encompasses the following areas.

  • Legislative and executive branch advocacy
  • Environmental permitting, compliance and enforcement
  • Real estate acquisition and due diligence investigations
  • Administrative rulemaking, licensing and permit challenges
  • Land use and zoning
  • Imperiled species including federal and state listed species
  • Invasive speces removal and control
  • Coastal and marine development regulation and permitting
  • State lands and sovereignty submerged lands
  • Representation before the Governor and Cabinet
  • Energy and infrastructure development
  • Water use and stormwater management regulation
  • Wetlands regulation and permitting
  • Archaeological sites/cultural resources
  • Legislative advocacy and bill drafting
  • Regulation of Unmanned Systems (aerial, ground, surface & underwater)